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WhatsApp Wonder, Worry, War & Watch…

We keep saying that ‘technology is a great disrupter’. While we usually talk about this disruption in context of business, the impact of technology in our day to day life is often not talked about as much.

In my series of blogs, I intend to do precisely that.

First, we are going to talk about ‘WhatsApp’ and various groups that we all are part of – school/ college friends, family, office and so on.

This one focuses on the group of ‘residents’ of a building/ condominium/ society….
continue reading WhatsApp Wonder, Worry, War & Watch…

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Corporate jargons…what, why…and why not ?

Years of corporate life teaches you that you shouldn’t take most of what is said on its ‘face value’. It’s important to understand these jargons, what they convey and also when & where to use them. The trick is that as a ‘recipient’, you are expected to take it in your stride and wait for you to use these on someone who steps in your shoes…or is already there. continue reading Corporate jargons…what, why…and why not ?

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Pressure of social media…uff…

In the movie Pyaar ka panchnama II, the heroine Chiku gets upset with his boyfriend Gogo (ha ha) as he didn’t change his relationship status on Facebook from single to ‘in relationship’. ‘Don’t you know that we are in a relationship’, Gogo asked innocently but it didn’t cut ice with Chiku and she ensures that appropriate change is made in the relationship status.

Handling social media – Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. – it demands you to be on your toes. The pressure is immense. continue reading Pressure of social media…uff…

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No breaking news please..

On my way back from a vacation in Gangtok last year, my son kept asking the same question ‘will the plane crash’ ? I tried to allay his fears to best of my abilities – that thousands of plane fly each day, its the safest mode of transportation, planes are strong, pilots are very good – but he was not convinced. ‘I saw a plane crash on TV’ continue reading No breaking news please..